Metaverse Gaming Completes First VR Olympics

Metaverse Gaming Completes First VR Olympics

Gaming Studio Metaverse Gaming set up a month-long Virtual Reality Olympics from July 23rd to August 23rd that included a roster of the most popular virtual reality gamers across the Virtual World.  This was the first Virtual Olympics ever and with the reception and turnout, it surely won’t be the last. As the technology and interest grows, the Virtual Olympics will grow with it.

The Virtual Olympic games were of course held in Virtual Reality or the “Metaverse”, but also hosted real fans and the athletes competing in a New York venue that Metaverse Gaming Studios rented out. The turnout was great at the venue, but the viewership they received through their channels was outstanding.

The virtual sporting even started with invites to the biggest virtual reality streamers and extended to an open invitation of challenges to build a roster of top streamers from multiple countries to compete in ten virtual reality contests to decide who the best virtual reality athletes were across the globe.

Virtual Olympic sports ranged from one vs one basketball, team volleyball, table tennis, martial arts and more as the participants battled for not only individual medals, but team medals.

Over thirty countries were represented over the ten virtual sporting events led by the United States and Japan who had at least one participant in eight of the ten events, followed by China, Canada, and France with six each.

The overall medal count went to the United States as they obtained five gold medals in total, three from one participant.

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Former professional soccer player and top mixed reality star Keith “Klegendairy” Simpson competed in three VR sporting events including 1v1 basketball, team volleyball, and boxing, winning a gold medal in all three events. He also competed in the prelims of table tennis but did not qualify.  He stated in an interview on the last day of the event that he would turn his focus onto table tennis for the next two years as it is his favorite game to play in his off time and would be the fourth event to possibly medal in. In the real-world version of the Olympics, three medals in three different sports have only been done once but not all were gold.

He has not only taken the initial ranking as top virtual reality athlete, but possibly the most popular streamer in the Metaverse, as his videos regularly obtain hundreds of thousands of views and his follower count rivals top reality athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.  Metaverse Gaming Studios mentioned that he would be the perfect “Face of Virtual Reality” and could be just what the technology needs to finally get some traction and become mainstream.

After the United States six total medal, they were followed by Japan with five total and Canada with three.  The next competition is set to be held over the winter and will hopefully have many more events and participants added. The hosting location has yet to be determined.  Metaverse Gaming hopes this will grow Virtual Reality as well as other technologies that they would be happy to host events for in future Virtual Olympics.

Make sure to follow Metaverse Gaming and your favorite VR Streamers for future information and dates regarding the next Virtual Olympics.